Welcome to my blog!  I am happy that you are here!  My name is Mary Tovey and I am a fourth grade teacher at Bemis Elementary School in Troy, Michigan.  I have been teaching for 25 years.  Most of my experience has been in kindergarten and first grade (16 years) and the remaining 8 years in fourth grade (I taught one year in second grade in a different school system).  I can honestly say that I have never had the same day twice and I love teaching because it is such an awesome honor to be involved with people on this level.  At present, I think I have had somewhere around 1,000 students.  When I stop to think of that number, it really blows me away.  I have had the great privilege of working with these students and their families, experiences and memories that I will never forget.  I have a Master’s Degree from Oakland University and currently,  I am working on my Educational Technology Certification  from Michigan State University.  This blog will chronicle that journey as I learn to navigate our all-encompassing, ever-changing, digital world.



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