Cool Tools


    • Animoto– Loved this application!  Must upload videos to youtube before downloading them onto Webpress.
    • Cool Tools For School  There are many awesome web tools here.  This is an invaluable resource! Please see GoogleDoc below.
    • Another fabulous resource in which to find the lateest technology tools!
    • Glogster This web tool is cool and visually appealing but somewhat difficult to use when planning lessons.  I tried to set up a glogster for our reading presentation and finally had to abandon it for padlet because I could not get it to work in the way that I needed it to.  Padlet was much easier to integrate and for a teacher, time of is of the essence!
    • Jing
    • Many Eyes
    • Prezi  Easy to use, visually appealing.  This is a wonderful presentation tool to summarize thoughts in a concise and easy way.  I will definitely use this with my students!  I love the fact that you can embed videos and graphics.  This speaks to enhancing the creativity in all of us, teachers and students alike.
    • Remind 101
    • SlideShare
    • Tagxedo  Similar to Wordle in a way.  This web tool makes a visual picture out of words.  It is fun and easy to use.
    • Team Maker Randomly organize teams.  This is like “Random Number Generator” a quick way to organize groups.
    • TweetDeck This is a great way to communicate with people.  Sometimes it is difficult to express what you need to in 140 characters.  Forces people to be concise!
    • Voice Thread This is possibly my favorite web 2.0 tool.  It has so many uses but the best one is that it is collaborative.  I can see my class using this for a variety of purposes next year!
    • Wordle
    • MentorMob (great way to create a shared language built around a curriculum).  Some are already created or you can create your own with your students!
    • Learnist Incredible resource with which to create, learn, and share learning boards in a very engaging fashion!
    • KS2 Bitesize: Terrific website to encourage deductive reasoning and play through games.  Games to work on Creativity through the subject areas.  I highly recommend this for elementary students!  This is the type of “deep play” students can do in regard to curriculum like reading strategies!
    • Clipgenerator:  This tool would be great to produce videos of what students  know and have learned to share with their learning community and the world at large.
    •  Allows the user to book events and meetings collaboratively.  At our school, we use a web tool called Signup genius.  This works really well for conferences and class parties.  It also works by sending the participant a reminder email.  I think would be good to use with colleagues and grade level meetings but we also use Outlook to schedule meetings.  Whatever works!
    • This site is an educational blogging site for both teachers and students.  I have thought about blogging with my students a lot since starting this class.  The thought of privacy and parent concerns has also occurred to me.  This site seems like it would be more secure than others and that it is specifically made for students with safety and security in mind.  Another positive aspect is that it is allowed by most school filters.  I see a real need to use a blog as an electronic portfolio of student learning.  I think this could really benefit my students.
    • This is a Google Doc presentation of some of the tools that I reviewed. One from each section of the Cool Tools website.
    • Amazing interactive graphs that will show results over time.  I first learned of this in Ray’s, Renee’s and Alexis’ online reading presentation.  Very cool!



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