[CQ] + [PQ] > IQ

The purpose of this post was to a) define how I bring passion and curiosity to my work as an educator and b) show how I use technology to instill  passion and curiosity in my students.


I believe that Thomas Friedman was on the right track when he developed his idea of Curiosity Quotient + Passions Quotient > Intelligence Quotient.

“The winners will be those with more P.Q. and C.Q. to leverage all the new digital tools to not just find a job, but to invent one or reinvent one, and to not just learn but to relearn for a lifetime. . .Give me the kid with a passion to learn and a curiosity to discover and I will take him or her over the less passionate kid with a huge I.Q. every day of the week.” (Friedman, 2013)

The other ingredient he is missing, is collaboration and the active involvement of the learner in his learning community by invested connected relationships with like-minded people.  That is not to say, like-minded as in everyone thinking the same way.  To be clear, I am referring to people who are connected because they have a similar desire to learn and support each other in that passion and drive to attain a new understanding.  We need teachers who model this lifelong journey of learning and who do not shy away from making mistakes and learning from them!

In my classroom, I try, first of all, to establish that connected community of learners through a social-emotional framework called “Conscious Discipline” .


I try to use critical thinking routines in my class through Visible Thinking strategies.


and finally, I use technology to compliment whatever we are learning.  This next year will be very interesting as I try to implement all that I have learned from my MAET classes!


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