Technology Survey Report

I am very fortunate to work in a building where technology is seen as a necessary tool for student achievement.  Because of this and the vision of our principal, we have been able to add 30 ipads on a cart for all to use.  As people become more proficient, I think one of the biggest complaints might be that there are not enough ipads for a K-5 building.  Regardless, here are some of the trends I noticed from the technology survey:

  • There seems to be a need to have PD on setting up classroom blogs and websites
  • How to put the responsibility of technology in the hands of the kids and make them more independent with this.
  • There is a great need for PD but also time in which to “play” with new technologies in conjunction with technical support.
  • Those surveyed  feel “fairly comfortable” to “very comfortable” with technology.
  • Many are using things like GoogleDocs, Keynote, IMovie, Prezi, Powerpoint and BYOD

I have noticed that most people use the technology afforded to them.  Things like use of Smartboards, iPads and the  computer lab.  My question is, how many people are using things like the web 2.0 tools we have learned in our class as a part of their lessons?  I think there are a couple of people on our staff doing this but the majority of the people are using the technology in the best way that they can.  It is clear that more training and PD support is necessary.  I feel that before this technology class that I was integrating technology in my lessons.  Now I realize that I was “using technology” but I was not necessarily integrating the technology within the lessons.  Things like creating Animoto videos or Voicethreads, I had no idea about.  I used Google Docs but that was really the extend of any collaborative technology in my repertoire.  I used what I knew, just like teachers have been doing for years.

I think that the person who responded to the survey in learning how to make the kids more independent with the technology is on the right track.  It goes along with the idea of making kids “producers” of technology rather than “consumers”.  In addition to this, in light of my last post about ADHD and technology, I feel that most teachers do not utilize the technology in ways to benefit our most challenged learners.  I think that teachers are so busy going about the business of teaching that this area is one in which more exploration is needed for the benefit of all students.  If teachers are using technology in this way, perhaps they are only using it for individuals rather than looking at in in the terms that we have learned about in our Universal Design Lesson.  In addition to this, it is important to remember the TPACK framework.


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