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The novelty of learning to draw has worn off!  I found myself dreading the practice sessions.  I think this is because, I was not satisfied with my practice.  I decided that I needed to put a little more “fun” into this learning and so I switched gears into learning how to draw simpler things like Hello Kitty and Spongebob Squarepants.  I started to research how to teach young children to draw because I feel that students lose that desire around fourth grade.  They decide that they are “not artistic” or “cannot draw”.  I think that creativity starts with the idea of “What if . . .”  so this self-doubt of not being able to do something is quite dangerous, indeed!  As I was watching the “Learning andFailure” wicked problem Voicethread on Youtube, I remember seeing this image:

I was reminded that I was letting the  fear of not succeeding the first time get in my way of practicing.  I was reminded of the days in my childhood where I would do anything NOT to have to practice my piano.  It had become a drudgery.  As I searched the internet for forums, I came across this site:
I started looking for the “fun” again which would help me through my learning block.  I learned that it is important to start looking at the things that we draw by breaking them down into geometric shapes.  Then I went on the tutorials forum from this website and looked for some things that I could have some success with.  The first thing I drew was “Hello Kitty” and then “Spongebob”.  As funny as this sounds, I needed something that I could actually feel success with in order to continue practicing.
The other thing I have learned is that I do not have to draw things perfect the first time around.  This is a much more forgiving attitude than what I started with.  I have learned to make friends with my eraser!  It is perfectly o.k. to start with a rough sketch, erase what you don’t like and then come back later to fill in the details.  Sounds a lot like the process of learning.  Approximate, try, refine, synthesize!
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2 thoughts on “PLN Network update

  1. Awesome analogy. I want to see your drawing!! Don’t forget to laugh at yourself a little too. When I try and draw on the board to illustrate for my students it often becomes a laughable bonding moment. I’m horrible. We all just make fun of my bad drawing and it lightens the mood up. Sometimes we forget that the most laughable and fun moments come out of failure 🙂

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