Informational Diet

I never really gave too much thought to my informational diet.  I have not really been a big user of social media and I generally get my news from WWJ AM 950 all news station due to the fact that I am in the car so much commuting.  I have always felt “up-to-date” on the news but I really never thought about checking and cross-checking my news and information.  It just never occurred to me that there might be some hidden agenda to this particular news station.  It will make me think about my news from now on and make sure that I am “cross-checking” the validity of what I am hearing.  That sounds so terribly naive, especially in this informational age!  One positive note about not being consumed by some of the social media is that I do feel that it can be a big trap and time waster.  It is the proverbial “black hole” in terms of distraction.  I know that sometimes when I have been on Pinterst, I can become so consumed with all of the interesting things going on that I go in a million different directions all at once. Before I know it, an hour or two has passed by!   Perhaps this is a lesson in and of itself.  This relates back to the choosing of an organizational tool.  I chose to use Evernote because it seemed to be so task specific.  It seemed that there was little chance to be derailed with other more interesting things than work!  I suppose the lesson could also be transferred to our informational diets.  Know what you are looking for and resist the temptation to “run down many different paths”.


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