Getting Things Done

I tried out Springpad and Evernote.  Each offers organization and note-taking.  It seems as though both can be categorized although Evernote has a more “business like field” with more options if you wanted to save content related things.  Currently, I use GoggleDocs and I have been really happy with the ease at which my fourth graders can use this.  I think GoogleDocs is great for class assignments and grading back and forth with students.  Initially, I thought that Evernote was difficult to use and I think that this application will offer me more once I understand fully how to use it.  So, I have decided to try to master this one.  I like how Evernote offers an atlas function.  It seems that there is a lot that Evernote can do but it does not have things like Pinterest that will distract you away from your mission.  Therefore, it seems as though Evernote will help me to stay focused on what my task is.  I like Pinterest to browse for ideas about content but I feel that this is more of an entertainment website rather than one to help me get my work done.


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