My Window

This was a great activity.  Very collaborative and fun it stretched our creativity to the max!

Scrapnook was a program that Jon used and said was very user friendly (complete with polaroid).

We used Picmonkey.

The visual instructions were great because everyone interpreted this individually.

We could use different technologies to get the assignment done and the quality was better.  The conversations that kids could have about this is very powerful.  Ours were.

As Dr. Punya Mishra states, “To be used productively, teachers must understand the different ways that technology can represent content, and recognize how this synchs (or doesn’t synch) with possible teaching approaches. The technical details of the digital world shift continuously, which is part of the problem. Technology over time has always been a moving target, which we cannot hope to hit if we view it as narrowly as that which is just “digital” or “modern”. ”  The beauty of this activity  was that the instructions were all pictures.  Each individual interpreted them in his/her own way.  Groups used different technologies and the creativity among the groups just soared.  Even though everyone was given the same assignment, some used Scrapnook and some used PicMonkey.  The pictures were created in different ways and everyone learned from one another.  The student was central in this learning process just as it is in the TPAK model.

Reference:  Mishra, P. (n.d.). Rethinking Technology and Creativity in the 21st Century. Tech Trends.


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