Modeling Digital Age Network And Learning

The reason why I am taking MAETEL1 is succinctly put here.

“Demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations .” (

I know that my mindset has started to change over the course of my 3 days in this program.  I knew that my technology skills needed “beefing up” but now I really realize how far behind all of us are in terms of digital literacy.  I used to think that my skills were o.k. to get me by but I realize how inadequate they really are!  Wow.  I also realize that even though many of my students may seem “technologically literate”, that they may not really be in the sense of the word that I am coming to understand.  In any event, the learning that I am doing at MSU will certainly benefit my students as I go back next year to implement many of the things we have done in class (even the “Marshmallow Challenge”)!

Fluency is an important component of what I am learning.  How can I teach my students if I do not take the time needed to become a fluent technology user.  Many times, people feel that going on the Internet is simply a “time-waster”.  I have heard many friends remark that they love Facebook or Pinterest but that ultimately, it is a sucking vortex of time.  Now I realize that teachers need this.  This is the “Play” that was talked about in the New Media Literacies piece.  As an Early Childhood Educator for many years, this is where all learning starts out!


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