Reflection on RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

This is the first time that I have learned about RSS.  I think it is exciting and I am anxious to start using it.  Usually, I will sign up for a certain website and have their newsletter or information directly sent to me.  The difference about the RSS  is that now, we are to engage and discuss what we are reading and learning about.  This really does make the world of education a lot more accessible.  I still think that there is an enormous amount of information out there but I am excited about using this new tool.  I can see the benefit of following this type of news feed in that you would always be aware of what the “latest and greatest” in education is or,  in any field,  for that matter.  It kind of reminds me of  the  “What’s Trending?” segment on GMA.


One thought on “Reflection on RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

  1. I like your connection to “What’s Trending” on GMA to RSS. I think it is quite similar to that concept. I was hoping for this post that you could share one or two specific RSS Readers that you wanted to try out this semester/summer to utilize and how this could work to benefit both you and your PLN.

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