PLN Visualization and Reflection

Making Thinking Visible makes learning accessible to all students.  It creates a digital ongoing dialogue for the learning of that particular community.  Here is my first attempt at Tagxedo.

I am proud of the visualization that I created in Tagxedo because this is a completely new application that I tried.  I think that this is a characteristic of any good student, to take risks and try new things.  I think that trying this new application was somewhat more 2013 rather than 1993.  I will say, however, that my PLN before I came to this class mirrored that of 1993.  In other words, I would have conversations with staff members and discuss important issues with them but  I did not engage in  the online community, at large.  For the past 2 years, my building has been involved with Cultures of Thinking (Ron Ritchart Visible Thinking).  This year we have started to connect with his online community and sending work that our students have been doing.  It has been an incredible journey!  I have utilized the resources of the Daily 5 and Cafe (The Two Sisters Website) and of course, Pinterest.  I have been a contributor to the Making Thinking Visible Blog page but only because someone from my school sent it on to Ron’s Facebook’s page.  I guess what I am saying is that I am in limbo.  I am not completely at 1993 and certainly not yet at 2013.  I am beginning to use pieces of 2013 and therefore, headed in the right direction!  I guess I am right in the middle!  I am not sure if you can access the Tagxedo, so I made another with Prezi.

I actually did this assignment a second time and as I was doing it, I realized that I had several resources in which to refer but all of them were people.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love people.  I love to talk with them but they are not always available.  I realized that a lot of time could be saved by PLNs because as teachers, we cannot always get our questions answered in a timely fashion.  When we are with kids, we cannot be interrupted to have a collegial conversation.  We basically have to have these conversations before or after school.  They seem to get interrupted with a thousand and one things and before you know it, you have forgotten what you wanted to discuss!  This is not the case with the PLN network.


One thought on “PLN Visualization and Reflection

  1. Great job, Mary! I appreciate your discussion of how things have changed over time for you in relation to your PLN. Its important to take time to reflect on that, as well as to remember that technology isn’t necessary for someone to be a great piece of the PLN, but as you pointed out there are limitations. I am excited to see which technologies become a mainstay of your PLN as it continues to evolve!

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