Network Learning Project

My Network Learning Project will be on learning to draw.  I have always wanted to learn but never seemed to have the time to devote to this discipline.  I am really interested in using drawing and more art in my lessons as I feel it is a great tool to slow kids down so that they think and visualize a little deeper.  We seem to be moving at such a fast pace that we don’t spend any time “mulling things over” anymore.  When children need to create a piece of art, their thoughts get to linger for awhile. . .

Here are some forums that I have started to check out:


Personal Learning Networks are very important in that they basically afford the learner “the world at their fingertips”.  Students can now learn anything, anywhere, anytime.  No longer are they reliant on others to facilitate their learning.  They can virtually answer any of their questions, whenever they occur.  Through the use of blogs, videos, forums and on-line learning communities, students have every available option at their disposal.


One thought on “Network Learning Project

  1. Learning to draw is such a fantastic skill. Not only can work a different part of our brain, but in addition it can also give us an excuse to take a few extra mindful minutes to relax. I am glad that you have already been able to locate a few discussion forums to help in your learning process, how will you begin to reach out to other learners in the online communities? Also, have you thought about what types of YouTube videos you will utilize for this project, maybe a little Bob Ross? 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your progress in the coming weeks. For your post on July 6, please continue to include links/videos to the resources you have utilized this far in class.

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